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EV Isle stocks only the best products and parts. We provide all types of vehicle parts and accessories for Electric Vehicles, Hybrids and some limited parts for low emission Petrol and Diesel Vehicles.

We are constantly expanding inventory in an effort to meet the needs of our customers. Every month new car parts and accessories are added to our stock as we continue to liaise with quality suppliers.


Ordering parts with us is easy. Fill out the form below to request a quotation for your part. Provide the Make, Model, Year, Fuel Type and Trim of your vehicle and we will find your part. Supplying a part number where possible will help us to locate your part even faster.

Parts can be ordered either wholesale or retail. Be sure to put those details in your requests. Purchase process, payments, shipping route, cargo number, dates and all other details  will be documented on your invoice.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Authorised Bank Transfers

- Authorised Wire Transfers

Authorised Bank / Wire Transfers

Can be made to our accounts at

Payment Methods

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